In Wake of Tragedy, Lawmakers Raise Questions About Brain Injury

Question: What is TBI and why is it plaguing the American military effort abroad?

Answer: It is traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as head trauma that, either temporarily or permanently, disrupts the brain’s function. And it’s been one of the most common injuries from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ironically, it looms large as a problem because vastly improved battlefield medical care has kept alive wounded soldiers who in previous wars might have succumbed.

“I think there are some serious questions out there whether or not we are taking seriously, within the armed services, the issue of mental health,” says Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. She has long raised questions about whether servicemen and women are being “correctly” returned to engagement in combat.

“I think we are looking at 10 years of war with some pretty war-weary people,” Murray told reporters outside Senate chambers on Capitol Hill following the killing of Afghan civilians purportedly by an American soldier.

Read more in The Fiscal Times.

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