Phasing Out the Junk Food

Down with the burgers, fries and soda! Up with chicken and fish, baked potato wedges and flavored water!

That’s the culinary mode these days at a U.S. Army dining hall in Stuttgart, Germany. It’s part of a new effort by the Army command in Europe designed to help soldiers improve their performance and overall health.

It’s being done subtly, with certain food offerings disappearing from the menu at places like the dining facility serving members of the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in the U.S. Army Garrison at Stuttgart.

“It’s a program that is allowing soldiers and civilian customers to make healthier choices, says Beverly Sowell, food program manager for U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart. “We just want them to be aware there are healthier options in the DFAC,” a reference to the Army’s network of dining facilities in Europe.

In May of this year, Army dining facilities in Europe (USAREUR) began officially implementing an overall program called “Fueling the Team” (UFTT) as part of the Soldier Fueling Initiative – establishing healthy eating standards for soldiers.

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